IoTSmartEV – A plug and play smart connection for custom electric vehicle fleets

Transforming the EV Go-To-Market model by providing a plug and play “Smart” solution that turns any electric vehicle design into a smart revolutionary vehicle, reducing the need for internal overhead and IoT expertise.

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Big Picture

The Electric Vehicle world is expanding at an unprecedented rate and is increasingly gaining traction and support across the globe. By offering IoT Lab’s expertise in designing “smart” components, EV startups and established manufacturers are able to leave the connectivity and flagship smart features that customer have come to expect to our team while focusing on what they do best; creating revolutionary vehicles that are good for the planet.

On top of reducing the overhead and expertise needed for companies to launch top of the line EVs, we are proud to be able to reduce the Go-To-Market timeline of auto manufacturers across the world by providing an easy to install and standardized smart module that can interface with any vehicle without a need for anything other than a power connection and a network friendly encasing. With IoT Lab’s IoTSmartEV module device any EV created can connect to our servers and offer all the desired features with a fraction of the roll out time needed from traditional internally developed strategies.

IoT Labs has always been a strong advocate for global connectivity and the new SmartEV play is no different. We believe that the Smart City concept has lost its roots and the big players in this industry have shifted their priorities to favor the first world cities; leaving the rest of the planet to catch up. By offering a plug and play solution, any global manufacturer that wishes to develop a competitive and ready to market consumer friendly electric vehicle can now offer world class connectivity and features regardless of where they are globally nor what funding capital their niche of the world is able to provide.

Practical Applications

No Electric Vehicle is designed the same and no company has the same vision for what their vehicle should and shouldn’t do. Whether your aim is to monitor your fleet to optimize routes and logistics, or if you instead would rather no internal GPS data collection or storage for anyone besides each bike’s direct user we have a solution for you. Every IoTSmartEV module can be custom designed for your exact needs. Below are just some examples of solutions we find most partners like to bring into the conversation

GPS and other Sensors

Fleet monitoring for route optimization
Privacy conscious features with no internal data tracking nor retention
Traffic pattern monitoring for user route optimization
Driving pattern classification for use with Insurance/financing


GPS based Geofencing or novel path detection
Biosecurity such as fingerprint sensors
Crash detection and aid sensors
Phone connection based switches and starters
Theft monitoring and alerts based on historical driving data or phone connection
Remotely lock a stolen bike to not be turned on until reconnected


IOS and Android connectivity through apps
Creative “Noise” choices for sporty, quiet, or loud vehicle profiles
Integrated security and GPS features along with rider profiles
Battery level indicator and expected milage

Economic Use Cases

Fleet management
Delivery tracking and confirmation
Immediate roadside assistance and remote tracking
Constant battery level and health monitoring
Financing based asset tracking and ability to remotely lock vehicle (Financing model)
Keep alive fee and subscription service to different tiers of features (MRR model)

Why IoTSmartEV

As an Electric Vehicle manufacturer you bring many strengths to the table, but every EV venture, no matter how well orchestrated, is still a gamble. IoTSmartEV aims to de-risk your business by allowing you to play to your manufacturing strengths and leaving the connectivity and smart features to us. By partnering with IOT Labs, not only will we be helping to minimize your Go-To-Market timeline, but we will be reducing your overhead in both R&D and in hiring by simply implementing a plug-and-play solution that’s already been designed by our industry leading experts instead of having to hire a team of engineers to reinvent the wheel.

To learn more about our current development efforts take a look at one of our public partners ALYI

We here at IoT Labs Mx SAPI (a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly listed US-based iQSTEL Inc have been internationally recognized for our BreakThrough IoT winning designs. Our goal is and always has been to solve the problems our users didn’t know they had and boost all of our partner’s profitability.

We’d love to hear about your ideas and applications below, let’s start a conversation about how we can revolutionize the EV world together and to learn about the added value we can help bring to your company and industries.

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